The Twist Out Tutorial You’ve Been Waiting For

The Twist Out Tutorial You’ve Been Waiting For

For most women, the decision to transition to natural hair can be pretty stressful. It’s not hard to tell yourself that hair is just hair when it’s easy to manage, but the idea of having to deal with a hair full of free flowing strands can be a bit much for some people to handle. After all, there are many women who have been getting relaxers since childhood, and haven’t seen their natural hair since.

Like anything else, the trick to natural hair is finding what works for you and coming up with a routine that can realistically fit into your schedule. However, most natural sistas know that’s way easier said than done. “Try a twist out,” they said, “your curls will be poppin’,” they said. Instead what you ended up with was a head full of ‘what the hell’ and an attitude. Mhmm, the struggle is that real. Twist outs may seem simple, but clearly that isn’t always the case.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spend countless hours on the Internet watching videos and reading articles (like this one) hoping to find something that works for you only to be disappointed almost every time. Well, the truth is that because people do have different hair textures, face shapes, head sizes, etc it can be difficult to tell exactly how something will look on you. Plus, there are so many tutorials out there that are hard to follow unless you have some sort of hairdressing experience. With that being said; however, this twist out tutorial by YouTuber, Mini Marley will provide you with a quick and easy to understand process that is sure to have your curls on fleek. If you’ve got 11 minutes to spare, watch this video now, and thank us later – you definitely won’t regret it.

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