The Top Tips Moms Need for Reducing Stress

The Top Tips Moms Need for Reducing Stress

Being a woman of color is already challenging in today’s world. Add kids to the mix, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to live a stressful life. In fact, working mothers are 18% more stressed than other people; that number jumps to 40% if they have 2 kids.

Carrying around the burden of stress isn’t good for you, both mentally and physically. You’ve got to take a break to de-stress, relax, and reset yourself. For all you black moms out there, here are some top tips you need for reducing stress.

Take a Warm Bath

This one may not work so well if you’re the sole caretaker of your children, but if you can snag 10 or 15 minutes of the day to take a relaxing warm bath, do it! Bring an interesting book or set up your tablet so you can watch a fun show while you soak in some Epsom salts and essential oils.

Not only can a warm bath let you temporarily escape all your responsibilities, but it can also soothe any aching muscles you may have from working out or just being so active in your daily life.

Make Time for Prayers

If you’re religious, clear out some time in your day for a prayer or two. Not only is it good for you spiritually, but it’s also mentally beneficial. You’ll get to face your struggles while engaging with God.

Make sure your prayers are positive and don’t focus on the negatives. When you can change your mindset and look toward the blessings of life, you’ll feel a weight lift from your shoulder. With God on your side, all your struggles will seem infinitesimally smaller.

Delegate Tasks to Other Adults or Older Children

Being Super Mom isn’t an easy job; not only do you take care of the kids, but you also run the household and/or have a fulfilling career. You know you can take care of everything, but objectively, should you?

Black women have a tendency to prove that they can be strong, proud females. While this can be good in most cases, it can be self-destructive in others.

If your kids are grown up and can handle chores, delegate some to them. Not only does this take a load off of you, but it also teaches them the importance of being responsible. This can also strengthen your bond with your kids, since it shows you trust them to take care of things.

Don’t be afraid to ask other adults in the household for help either. Whether it’s your husband, mother, or sibling, they’re probably more than happy to help you out, especially if you’ve been increasingly stressed out lately.

Have Set Date Nights

When women become mothers, some of them forget who they were before and become “mombies.” They focus solely on their children and inadvertently neglect relationships with others, especially their significant others. This can cause tension and added stress.

If you’re guilty of this, have a chat with your partner and set specific dates nights every month. Once you rebuild the intimacy in your relationship, you’ll find one aspect of stress melting away.

For those of you who are single, have date night with yourself! At least once a month, get a babysitter and take yourself out to a fun event. When you get to let your hair down every so often, that’ll evaporate some stress as well.

Exercise More

It may sound counterintuitive to exercise more when you’re stressed out and tired, but trust us, it works! Whether it’s a walk around the block 5 times, or an intense hour at the gym, some physical activity can do you good.

When you add some exercise to your regular routine, you’ll be in better physical shape to handle whatever life throws at you. Plus, you can blow off some steam in a healthy way. It’s a win-win situation.

Take Up Meditation

It might sound silly, but daily meditation can really do the trick when it comes to getting rid of mental clutter and stress. Not only can it help you refocus on the important things in life, but it can also help you deal with stress head-on.

As a busy mom, it may be hard to find time during your day to dedicate to yourself. But all you need is 10 minutes, and your family should understand that you need some “me” time to get your wind back.

Once you’ve learned how to meditate on a daily basis, you’ll find yourself able to handle stressful situations a lot better. You can take your meditation techniques and apply them to day-to-day happenings.

Have Technology-Free Breaks

Sure, you might be able to slice out 10 minutes of your day for “me” time. But what happens when that time comes? That’s right; you’re glued to your phone, catering to your FOMO (otherwise known as “fear of missing out”).

You can’t really relax and unwind unless you completely break free of technology, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. For your mommy breaks, have at least one where there’s no use of any technology whatsoever.

Read a book, sit in complete silence, we don’t care. You’ll be surprised at just how carefree you’ll feel after 10 minutes of no Facebook or Twitter.

Strong Black Moms Need to Know When to Take a Break

Black moms are tough cookies, but they’re still human. Knowing when to take a breather can actually help you become a better and more efficient person, so don’t feel bad if you need a break!

Your family will understand when you need to recharge, so give your husband or another adult some of your duties to take care of temporarily. When you’ve de-stressed, you’ll come back, stronger than ever.

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