The Perfect Match: How to Choose Foundation for Brown Skin

The Perfect Match: How to Choose Foundation for Brown Skin

Do you find yourself overwhelmed finding the right shade for your skin tone? Finding the right foundation for any skin tone is hard enough, but for us women of color it’s even harder. Walking down the aisle and seeing a limited number of foundations for us to choose from can be daunting.

There’s hope! Many brands are starting to offer more foundation for brown skin thankfully! In this article we have you covered! We’ll go over how to find that perfect shade for you and to make sure it’s exactly what you want and need!

1. All About That Undertone

You might be wondering your skin’s undertone? What’s that?

Basically, they’re three types:

  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Neutral

These terms refer to your skin’s undertone and will help you decide which product will work best for your skin. Broken down warm tones (think golds and yellows), cool tones (pink, blue, red), and neutral hues (olive). Keep these in mind when picking out a foundation.

To figure out your undertone, they’re many ways to do so, one way is to look at the veins in your wrist. If your veins are green they’re considered a warm undertone, if they’re blue you have a cool undertone. The problem with this is it’s harder to tell with darker skin what color our veins really are.

Another way to tell is what colors and jewelry look best on you? If you have cool hues you tend to look best in silver jewelry, cool reds, and blues. Warmer undertones look better in gold jewelry, yellows, and oranges.

One of the best methods is to stand in front of a white background, which colors do you see most in your skin? This is a great method, pay attention to what colors pop out in your skin tone!

2. Foundation for Brown Skin

You can start to pick out the best foundation for black skin, once you have an idea of undertone. This can be frustrating since many brands out there don’t have much of a selection for women of color. When color matching, they’re many ways to do it and find which works best for you!

You can match shades to your face, wrist, chest or neck. Color matching to your neck and chest are normally the best bets. You just want to make sure your skin tone will match with the foundation and not look like you’re wearing a mask!

Keep in mind your wrist could be much lighter than your face so you may not get an accurate choice. You’ll want the perfect fit to blend in very well on its own(don’t blend) and not stand out. Wait ten minutes after applying to see if it has disappeared into your skin.

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3. Oxidation Watch out

Dark skin women need to watch out for oxidation! That’s when a foundation could look great in the store, then when you go home, after a few hours hello orange! The orange-honey color happens because it’s your skin’s exposure to air and chemistry of your skin.

What happens is your body reacts to oxides in foundation which are used for SPF. Avoid foundations that have SPF in them to avoid the orange look! Wear the foundation for a few hours and see how it does.

Another option is to put primer underneath your foundation and that’ll sometimes stop the oxidation.

4. Choose the Correct Coverage

It’s important to remember we all have different skin types:

  • dry
  • normal(lucky)
  • oily
  • combination

Then there’s also how you prefer your makeup to look whether it’s matte, natural, dewy, etc. You want your foundation to balance with your skin type along with keeping the other things in mind listed above.

If you have dry skin you don’t want a foundation that’ll dry you out! If you have oily skin don’t choose a moisturizing foundation!

Don’t be afraid if you’re between shades, it happens! You may have several undertones in your skin, that’s normal! That being said don’t be afraid to mix and match products for your perfect shade, and dark skin girls show off your beauty!

Next Steps

You learned all about choosing the right shade for you. Are you nervous and overwhelmed? Don’t be! Just follow this step by step and you’ll pick the best foundation for brown skin!

Remember to first determine your undertone, if you’re not sure, try the multiple test options! Take your time with this part! Once you have your undertone figured out then it’s time to shop for the best foundation for black skin.

While checking out different foundations, if possible try to leave it on for a few hours and see if you get a crazy orange color. Remember oxidation is something to keep in mind, but they’re ways to prevent it such as using primer and avoiding products with built-in SPF.

Keep in mind whether you’re dry, oily, combination, or normal while searching for the best foundation. It’s important that you don’t accentuate or make worse dryness, oily skin, etc.

Your best foundation is out there, it can be daunting finding the perfect shade for dark skin women but it’s possible! Once you find your perfect shade you’ll be so happy you followed these steps!

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