‘Swivel’ App Aims To Help Black Women Find The Perfect Hairdresser

‘Swivel’ App Aims To Help Black Women Find The Perfect Hairdresser

Whether your hair is natural or relaxed, it’s no secret that keeping your hair healthy is no easy task. For that reason it is especially important for women of color to have a trusted hairdresser. You know, someone who can make you feel comfortable in his/her chair while laying them edges with ease.

Unfortunately, however, that person isn’t always easy to find. From dealing with hairdressers who can’t handle black hair, to dealing with hairdressers who can’t handle hair PERIOD, most of us have had to endure too many failed trips to the salon before finding someone who could really get the job done. For real, how many times have you been passed the mirror after getting what you thought was going to be your new do, only to see your reflection and wonder WHAT THE HELL went wrong?! If the answer is any number over 0, there’s a new app that might just change your (and your hair’s) life.

Screenshots from Swivel Beauty App

Swivel, which was founded by Jihan Thompson and Jennifer Lambert, aims to connect WoC with nearby hairdressers. Whether you’re new to the area or simply looking for a new pair of hands to work on your head, this app can help you find what you’re looking for. The app operates by allowing users to input their hair type and desired style. With that information and the user’s location, Swivel with then give the user a list of potential hairdressers. This process removes the guesswork of walking into a salon and HOPING they can do what you’re looking for. Although the app is currently only available in New York City, the founders eventually hope to expand.

Not only can Swivel make things easier for consumers, but it can also help bring business to black salons. Hairdressers/salons who are interested in partnering with Swivel can apply through the company’s website.

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images via Swivel.