For The Love Of: The Why Behind Pursuing Your Purpose

For The Love Of: The Why Behind Pursuing Your Purpose

These days everyone and their cat has a side hustle; sometimes the cat is the hustle with many pet owners generating revenue from posting videos of their pets. Growing job dissatisfaction has driven this trend in recent years.

According to Forbes, 52% of US workers are unhappy with their job. With stagnant wages and slashing of benefits and retirement packages across industries, it’s no wonder many have a side gig.

As more people are boldly pursuing their passions and turning them into viable sources of income it is important that we get clear on the “why” part.

While addressing media in Shanghai in 2014, tennis great Roger Federer said “…Sometimes you’re just happy playing tennis. Some people don’t understand that it’s OK to just play tennis and enjoy it. They think you have to win everything…if not what’s the point? Maybe you have to go back and think why have I started playing…? Because I just like it. It’s actually sort of a dream hobby that became somewhat of a job…”

At this point in his career Roger Federer has won every grand slam and major tournament.

Serena Williams, the greatest player of all time is still playing at a high level, just missing out on an eight Wimbledon title last week! This is all a mere 10 months after giving birth.

At this point in both their careers, the prize money isn’t a factor. They’re doing it for a whole other reason. Yet before they got to the point of being the GOAT, there was a burning passion that kept them on hot tennis courts for hours on end.

Getting clear on our “why” will be central if we are to achieve true success in this new age of side gigs. What we don’twant is to merely echo the draining, uninspired work systems 52% of us are unhappy with.

If your side gig is something you just do for extra income to supplement your job, it’s all good, you can stop reading here (or continue, you’re the boss of your life).

But for the agitated souls that dream of seeing their little side hustle blossom into more reflect on the following: If bags of money were dropped at your feet tomorrow, would you still make and sell your delightful candles? And if the money doesn’t pour in right away, are you willing to keep at it?

A yes to either scenario probably means you know your why.

Rising NBA star Joel Embiid is known as “The Process” because he often says “Trust the Process”. Focusing on metrics and strategies to go viral has it’s place, don’t get me wrong (in fact, I’m shamelessly plugging my Instagram now – @fariethefirst. Share this on your timeline, also said shamelessly ).

Learn your own ways and revel in the new things you learn about yourself and how that spills over so seamlessly into your work.

Chasing the outcome leaves us burnt out, much like the crash after a sugar high.

Create first. Then share this second.