Fitness Attire For Different Types of Workouts

Fitness Attire For Different Types of Workouts

Working out is an essential part to stay healthy. Never mind losing weight, exercise boosts your mental health, improves sleep, digestion, and has numerous other benefits. It’s also a good way to prevent diseases like osteoporosis and strokes.

However, many women have other priorities such as work and raising a family that can get in the way of exercising. Yet there are ways to make sure you do get some exercise in. Marcia Prignano is a working mom who found the time to stay fit. She utilized time spent in the park (with her kids) in order to do high intensity workouts that are usually done in a gym.

Now, not everyone is like Marcia – and some of you might even prefer the gym. Regardless, different types of workouts require different clothing. So let us help you out here…

Gym Attire

black woman in fitness attire

It’s tempting to just grab a tank top or a shirt and a pair of shorts and be done with it. But the type of fabric you wear affects how comfortable you’re going to be in the gym. It’s best to avoid cotton, as cotton absorbs moisture easily, so you’ll be stuck with a baggy, sticky shirt that can cause irritation. Gym clothing should make you feel dry, comfortable, and confident. And don’t forget to tie your hair! Nothing is more annoying than exercising with hair that keeps falling in your face.


woman getting ready to run

You’re guaranteed to get hot and sweaty, so it’s good to invest in breathable fabrics. If you’re planning to run often, get shoes specifically designed for it. The most important part is to wear a sports bra underneath, preferably with wide straps. The Huff Post explains that since women can’t control breast movement during exercise, the added support of a sports bra reduces the discomfort.

Home Workout

black woman working out at home

Home workouts are very flexible and this can also reflect in the attire you wear. Even if you are working out at home you should still find good comfortable clothes to wear. Ideally the clothes should fit your body and not be too tight or too loose. The straight leg pants on Woman Within have an elastic waistband that is design to be comfortable and fit different body shapes. If you do like working out at home, investing in good quality workout attire should also provide you an added boost in motivation.


black woman in pilates class

A Pilates workout will build flexibility, strength and endurance without adding muscle. Pilates workout gear needs to be stretchy, and have fitted fabric that absorbs sweat to keep your body cool and dry while also providing maximum range of motion. Clothes like tank tops, leggings and Harlem pants are a good choice for these types of sessions.

It may seem like a trivial thing, but wearing the right workout attire can have a big impact on your workout. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to continue exercising and stick to your fitness goals.