Stay Healthy With These 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Exercise At Work

Stay Healthy With These 10 Quick and Easy Ways to Exercise At Work

Unless you’re a professional athlete or another profession where you’re extra active throughout the day, it can be somewhat difficult to get the exercise you need every day if you don’t have time before or after work.

Below are 10 easy ways to exercise at work.

1. Exercise During The Lunch Break

Exercising right after you finish eating on your break is a good way to get exercise in at work, especially if you use half of your break for eating and the other half for getting some exercise in.

While it is important to not rush through your meal for a variety of reasons, walking around, find some stairs, do some stretches, bring small dumbbells to work and put your name on them.

2. Take Breaks Throughout The Day

While you can’t really do planks behind the register at McDonald’s, there are things you can do to be more active during your shift.

If you are supposed to stay in one location and not leave that location, you can do exercises such as calf raises, leg raises, wall sits, arm circles and more. Some of these are best done when not busy, such as answering phones or during a mealtime rush.

3. Exercise While Performing Work Functions

If working a register, try wearing arm weights under your clothes, which should have the same effect as ankle weights.

If at a desk, don’t just reach for the phone, turn for the phone with your legs and then turn back to the computer, or the direction normally faced.

4. Do Push-ups At Your Desk

Have you ever had to print out 200 copies for something work related and just stood there until it was done and had wanted something to do in the meantime? Why not do push ups while you wait?

If you can’t do push ups on the floor for whatever reason, you can do them against the wall, or against your desk, or any other surface.

5. Do Stretches

Take time to stretch every once in a while. You might get some odd looks from coworkers, but at least you are getting some exercise while they aren’t, unless they decide to follow your lead. Stretches are easy to do, don’t require equipment and won’t leave you sweating afterward.

6. Get A Standing Desk

Did you know sitting for long periods of time can cause health problems?

Fortunately, there are desks that are perfect for working while standing, which will cause you to move around more while reaching for objects, instead of just moving your chair slightly.

There are also versions of a work desk that are attached to a small treadmill so people can walk while they work.

7. Jog in Place

If you want a quick exercise to do repeatedly in the workday, then try jogging in place. This will get the heart rate up and clear the mind as well.

8. Park Farther Away

Most of us are in the habit of trying to park as close to the office as possible, but something as simple as parking further away can be a great way to help yourself burn some extra calories.

9. Avoid The 2 ‘E’s

While there is a legitimate need to take both elevators and escalators, such as high-rise buildings, people can combat this by walking up or down the steps of the escalator while it is moving.

As for elevators, avoid them completely if you can. Taking the stairs is a much healthier alternative and can be a great way to get your blood pumping before you start your day.

10. Replace Your Chair With A Stability

Instead of a regular office chair, why not have a stability ball instead?

The stability ball will force you to use your core muscles and, over time, increase core strength and improve posture. It will also help you maintain balance because one wrong move could mean ending up on the floor.

Encourage Others to Exercise at Work

Exercise isn’t most people’s favorite thing and quite honestly, it can feel like a huge hassle. The good news is, adding daily exercise to your schedule doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it seems.

With these tips, you can easily exercise while at work – and you might even inspire your coworkers to do the same.

Now, the only thing you have to do is get up and get moving!