Six Amazing Ways That Coconut Oil Can Change Your Life

Six Amazing Ways That Coconut Oil Can Change Your Life


The benefits of incorporating coconut oil into your daily, natural life regimen are honestly endless. Men and women of multiple ethnicities can use coconut oil for their hair, skin and food in more ways than one. Just when you thought that being natural couldn’t get any better, here are 10 ways to utilize the benefits of this powerful oil.

Hair Masks
Here at HNF, one of our favorite uses for coconut oil is its effectiveness on hair. At room temperature, coconut oil is a creamy solid and at 76 degrees Fahrenheit, it becomes a slippery liquid that is perfect for hair masks. In the shower, run the jar under hot water, then after shampooing, apply a generous amount of the oil to your wet strands and twist your hair into a bun (or you can place a shower cap over your head). While your hair soaks in the coconut oil, your hair is seemingly coming back to life. Wash thoroughly with you favorite conditioner and let air dry. You can expect to feel the softness in your hair almost immediately.

Makeup Remover
Not only are makeup wipes and makeup removers costly, it tends to take a lot of it to get all of your makeup removed in the first place. Try dabbing coconut oil onto a cotton swab or cotton ball and gently wipe any excess makeup off. The oil should also help to soften the skin of your eyelids, your lips and your face. You could also use 1 teaspoon of coconut oil per round cotton pad and let them soak overnight, stored in a container to use for another time.

Body Oil
Whether solid or liquid, coconut oil works as a perfectly light moisturizer. Applying a dime or quarter-sized amount right after you get out of the shower allows the oil to sink into your warm pores and rest on top of the water droplets, trapping the moisture in your skin and maintaining softness. Adding a few more drops of peppermint or lavender oil adds a hypnotic scent that’ll linger for hours!

Lip Balm
Nothing will hydrate your lips better than coconut oil, and that is a FACT. And a little will go a very, very long way. Stash some solid coconut oil in an old contact lens case for your times of need. Just make sure to be mindful of the temperatures surrounding the container, as the oil can melt and drip outside of the container. You can also add another oil such as jojaba, argan or avocado oil to the mixture to intensify the hydration. Also, mixing in some lipstick will add a tint to your new, homemade lip balm.

It’s hard to enjoy frizzy hair when there is absolutely no controlling it. Applying a small amount of coconut oil to the ends of your strands helps to tame the frizz and prevent any further frizzing. The thicker your hair, the farther up the strand you should apply the oil. This works on both wet and dry hair, too.

Quick tip to faking a highlight and an all-around natural glow? Place a bit of coconut oil on your cheekbones, above your eyebrows and on your Cupid’s brow for hydrated skin and an illuminating shimmer. This automatically brightens your overall look without the use of any makeup. Score!

The uses and benefits of coconut oil are endless and completely worth the cheap investment. It can be stored as a liquid or as a solid, does not need to be refrigerated, and should be kept out of direct sunlight. Drop by your favorite grocery store today and get ready to enhance your life. Oh, and make sure to tweet and thank us later @HappyNappyFit!