Black Women in Business: Ta’Rori Weaver – Network Marketing Mastermind

Black Women in Business: Ta’Rori Weaver – Network Marketing Mastermind

Hartford, Connecticut is often recognized for its high per capita crime rates. According to US News, 46% of Connecticut residents are college-educated with a mere $35, 317 median income. While ranked at number eight out of the fifty states in crime and corrections, Connecticut’s economy is ranked at number 43.

This data leaves much of the small state either poor or in prison. Our featured sister, however, has used entrepreneurship to live beyond the data.

Meet The Entrepreneur

Ta’Rori Weaver utilized strength and resilience to survive these daunting statistics during her upbringing in Hartford’s notorious Northend community.

Along with her family, she engaged in community resources such as participation in her church community and Capri Troopers drill team to spread positive energy within the impoverished community. Using her faith in God as a foundation, she focused on developing and pursuing her extraordinary goals.

Ta’Rori imagined what her career would look like and decided that in order to meet her goals, she would have to get creative.

“I always knew that I didn’t want a regular 9 to 5 desk job. When creativity and imagination come together there are endless possibilities.”

After obtaining a Master of Business Science degree in business management, Ta’Rori became drawn to the world of network marketing. What a way to help the community! This became a vessel through which she could connect the community with sustainable income and entrepreneurship without requiring a specific type of education or background.

She has since become an Independent Representative of World Ventures and utilizes her talents and position to build her community’s network marketing opportunities.

Ta’Rori’s Mission

Through her network, she engages members of various demographics nationwide to help introduce them to the world of entrepreneurship, financial independence, and enhanced quality of life.

In order to finance entrepreneurship, she initially obtained full-time work at CVS as a Certified Pharmacy Technician, developed her spiritual principles, and clarified her aspirations.

“I aspire toward a God-like peace that can’t be shifted by circumstances or situations”

Fitness is a key component toward that peace. Ta’Rori exercises daily with workout routines that include strength training, cardio, and boxing.

She wraps, braids, or throws a wig on her natural tresses and uses exercise to experience physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

“[Exercise] helps me release tension and stress. More importantly, exercise is more about discipline, which helps train my mind. It helps my mental strength so that I can take on the adversities I’ve encountered to become a successful entrepreneur” while becoming a resource for the community.

While Ta’Rori’s career allows her the time and ability to travel the world, she is also able to support her community as the liturgical dance ministry leader and acting treasurer for the marketing ministry at Mt. Olive Church, which is in her hometown.

Contact Ta’Rori

Ta’Rori’s marketing efforts aim to uplift the community by offering free food, school supplies, financial development, and other services.

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the field of marketing with minimal overhead, you can reach Ta’Rori at

The best part: Ta’Rori will come to you and show you how you can uplift yourself and your community utilizing network marketing.

Know Any Other Black Women in Business?

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