Black Women in Business: Barbara McClane & Barkel McClane Photography

Black Women in Business: Barbara McClane & Barkel McClane Photography

If you’ve ever looked back at an old photo and felt thankful to have a piece of a special moment, you know just how important the art of photography truly is.

These feelings of appreciation and nostalgia are what New Britain, CT based photographer, Barbara McClane, hopes to achieve with her work.

McClane, who is the CEO of Barkel McClane Photography, had been interested in photography for years before deciding to take a leap to explore the craft. Taking a good photo is about more than pointing a camera and pressing button, and this is something Barbara knows well.

Citing her “passionate eye for GOD’S beautiful creations,” Barbara decided to use her God-given talent to create art in her community. She is a self-taught artist who used the resources around her to hone her skills.

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I had the pleasure of speaking with Barbara to discuss her journey and plans for the future. Just like her beautiful photography, Barbara’s energy is vibrant and intentional. Barbara’s understanding of photography extends beyond the technical aspects. Her warm demeanor and deep laugh are essential in making her subjects feel at ease when in front of the camera.

When asked what inspires her to take photographs, she cites African American women as her strongest influence. She also credited other photographers and their work as her inspiration saying, “While watching them create images, I am motivated to tap into my own creativity.”

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When it comes to picking the perfect subject for a shoot, Barbara loves capturing people, places, and things that spark her spirit as well as the challenge of finding the best conditions to snap special moments.

For others looking to start down their own entrepreneurial path, Barbara has this simple token of advice: “If you have a passion for anything, just go out and do it..Don’t wait for the right time, the right time is NOW.”


As an entrepreneur, Barbara takes a ‘meet people where they are’ approach that allows for both flexibility and affordability. She takes pride in creating high-quality work that provides people with a keepsake of their favorite memories from special occasions.

As her journey continues, she hopes to expand her studio and reach even more people with her creative pursuits. Barbara and her success are proof of the magical things that can happen when people take chances on themselves.

Overall, Barbara hopes that her work will inspire her community and uplift all who see it. If her pictures could talk, what would she want them to say? Simply this: “she captured me at my best”.

Barbara can be reached via email at

all images courtesy of Barbara McClane and Barkel McClane Photography