Considering the Big Chop?  Here are 5 Benefits of Natural Hair

Considering the Big Chop? Here are 5 Benefits of Natural Hair

Going natural may seem like a daunting task.

Giving up the “creamy crack”, patiently rocking awkward two-textured styles while growing out your roots, building up the courage to do the big chop, and then setting out on the quest to find your holy grail products.

Just the thought can be tiring, but the benefits of natural hair make the journey worth it!


woman with natural hair in braids
Unlike relaxed or chemically processed hair, natural hair is versatile!

Want to rock a fro on Monday, a sleek bun on Tuesday, and a blowout on Friday? Natural hair makes it possible!

Of course there’s a learning curve. Mastering the natural girl staples like a twist out or a wash-n-go will take time, but once you do, the possibilities are endless!

Learning to manipulate and style your natural hair through trial and error are a part of the process.

Enjoy it! There are tons of tutorials online to help you get started.


black woman smiling with natural hair

No more costly trips to the salon and no more splurging on bundles (unless you want to because, remember, versatility). Sign me up!

Contrary to popular belief, going natural is inexpensive. Natural hair gurus would have you believe that you need to buy every curl-friendly product on the market. You don’t!

There are so many tutorials, articles, and reviews for natural products that can help expedite the process of finding your just-right product(s).

There are also a ton on inexpensive products on the market for natural hair.


smiling black woman with natural hair at work

Sodium hydroxide, guanidine carbonate, and calcium hydroxide are used in relaxers to break the chemical bonds of the hair, which can lead to split ends, scalp burn/dryness, thinning, balding, and even infections.

Going natural eliminates these chemicals and their unpleasant side effects while restoring strength and density.

Natural hair also requires less heat than relaxed hair. Without the obstacle of combating harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures, your hair and edges will flourish!


beautiful black woman with short blonde hair

Do you skip the gym to preserve your hair? Lie by the pool instead of jumping in? Sprint, tuck, and roll to dodge rain drops?

I’m guilty. Hair shouldn’t be a hindrance. Your ability to sweat, swim, and stroll through the rain should not be dictated by your hair.

Natural hair equals freedom. Freedom from long waits at the salon and freedom from the stress of preserving expensive, time-consuming styles that can be ruined by a few drops of water.


black woman with faux locks smiling

We are in the midst of a natural hair movement where the climate seems just right to take the leap and do the big chop, but so many Black and brown women are afraid.


Well, while going natural may seem like a trend today, we can’t forget its radical roots.

Cases like EEOC vs. Catastrophe Management Solutions and the experience of 15-year-old Ashanti Scott at Butler Traditional High School in Louisville, Kentucky serve as reminders of the political implications of afro hair.

Historically, natural hair, especially that of black women, has been met with disdain. In professional settings, or let’s be real – white spaces, Black women have had to conform to a “European” standard of beauty to be considered acceptable.

The association between beauty and whiteness and whiteness and rightness is so ingrained in our society that adhering to respectability politics is second nature for some. These associations have given many black and brown people a warped self-image.

The natural hair movement is widening the narrow definition of beauty to include black people and black features.

Embracing our natural hair, while trendy at the moment, is also a political statement and, most importantly, a step toward self-love.

What Are Your Favorite Benefits of Natural Hair?

Have you transitioned to natural hair or done the big chop?

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