Happy International Women's Day

10 Inspiring Quotes To Celebrate International Women’s Day

Being a woman sure ain’t easy. Day in and day out, we have to exist in a world that often does nothing but devalue, disregard, and disrespect us. Women of color especially are forced to deal with challenges that can sometimes seem impossible to overcome. Shoot, if you’re like most women, you’re probably tired of feeling like most of your hard work and dedication goes unnoticed. Tired of feeling like the people you bend over backwards for wouldn’t even bend over to pick you up when you’re down. Well I’m here to tell you that whether it seems like it or not,  everything you do for those around you is essential. Even if they’re too foolish to see it now, every dollar you earn, every plate you fix, every pair of dirty drawers you wash, and every ass you wipe (and whip) is important to those around you.

A world without women would be no world at all (literally, cuz y’all know where babies come from), and on this Women’s Day, we celebrate all of the smart, kind, patient, hardworking, and (the list could go on forever) talented women whose contributions to society have made it a much better place. Whether you’re raising kids or still raising yourself – your place in this world is extremely valuable, and you are appreciated. Here are 10 inspiring quotes to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Viola Davis quote

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Shirley Chisolm quote

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Michelle Obama quote

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Queen Latifah quotes

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Alice Walker Quote

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Hattie McDaniel quotes

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Tyra Banks quote

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Mary McLeod Bethune quotes

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Marian Anderson quote

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Nikki Giovanni quotes

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