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Veganism: Worth the Hype?

If you’re anything like me, you tend to jump on the bandwagon of every new diet hype that hits the blogs. Years of juicing, binging and snacking on what could only be described as inedible blocks of protein had made me quite skeptical of “fat blasting” tips and tricks. I was certain I was in for a similar experience when a friend introduced me to veganism.

Prior to 2015, I was under the impression that most vegans could be found in hippie communes and west-coast college campuses, flaunting beaded dreadlocks and cruelty-free tattoos. To my surprise, I found a diverse community of individuals dedicated to the pursuit of healthy living and sustainable food production. My interest peaked upon reading stories about individuals who had recently began their vegan journey following losing hope in dieting methods. I was convinced! Perhaps this was something I could really do.

In the following weeks, I began cutting out all animal based products and switching my unhealthy snacks with fresh fruits, dried legumes and nuts. In the days following, I found myself feeling lighter and full of energy. I began researching meals and found myself cooking full course meals using raw fruits and vegetables–all of which were found at my local produce stand. By month’s end I was rocking a flatter tummy, luminous skin and boundless energy–not to mention an increased mental clarity. Had a switch in my diet really facilitated all these phenomenal changes?

Sadie Vegan Journeykeep calm and go vegan

Reeling from the high of my lifestyle change, I took to social media and began to post my recipes and experiences. I found myself immersed in community that was dedicated to the spiritual, physical and mental well-being of all, as well as the fair treatment and health of Mother Earth. It was at this time I realized that I had found so much more than a healthy meal routine, I had found a like-minded community and lifestyle where I would positively grow in all areas of my existence.

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