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I’m Busy With A New Job! How Do I Stay Active?!

About 2 weeks ago, I started a new job after being a domestic goddess for about 2 months. Those 2 months, I worked out about 6 days a week. It felt so good to be able to just workout and not worry about balancing work and social life. My new career, thanks to the most high, is Monday though Friday, 8-5 with an hour lunch. But sometimes when I get home, I just want to chill! Although chilling would be ideal, I know that I must get at least 30 minutes of workout in 5 times a week.

The gym is nice and all, but we know that everybody and their mama is at the gym from like 5pm to 7pm. That after work crowd is no joke! So I decided to do a round of the 21 day fix by BeachBody! I have done the 21 Day Fix before, and I absolutely loved it. The program is set up to target each muscle group in just 30 minutes. We have 30 minutes to do something good for ourselves, right? Another program that takes a quick 30 minutes is Shaun T’s Insanity: Max 30. Now, that one is for someone who wants a more intense workout. But I love them both for different reasons.

If you don’t have or want to buy a 30 minute DVD program, there are some great HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts on pinterest. You can do those right at home without any equipment. Below is my favorite HIIT workout for beginners:

3 rounds; 45 seconds work; 15 seconds rest.
1) push ups
2) squats
3) butt kicks
4) triceps dip
5) side lunges
6) jumping jacks
7) sit ups

This workout should take you about 30 minutes. Remember to warm up and cool down.

So next time you feel like you are too busy and tired to workout, turn on your hype music, and do a quick 30 minute workout at home. You wont regret it!




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