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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work. Accountability Groups: Get You One

When you have to answer to someone, you are more likely get the job done, right? If you’re anything like me, you might need someone peeking in on you, and you don’t want them to catch you slipping. At times, I don’t have that intrinsic motivation to get up and workout so I got me an accountability partner. That one person was a friend that I knew was into fitness a little more than me. We would meet up in the park, do some interval training. That was fun and effective but I needed MORE! Somehow, we came across a lady here in my town who teaches group fitness classes. We attended a class and never looked back!

The leader of my accountability group is a Beachbody coach, certified group instructor, and certified in many different fitness programs like Shaun T’s Insanity Live and CIZE Live. The brand that she has created has changed the lives of many women. Weight loss, sisterhood, and confidence to name a few thing that I have gained from this Haute group. Some ladies in our group have even been able to come off of their medications! Now that’s something to celebrate!

We are a group for women that workout together but we have built a bond and we have become great friends, I can call them sisters. Our challenges and boot camps are what really brought us closer together. We set goals and achieve them together. After the challenge is over and the goals are reached, we celebrate with a quick little getaway. It gives us something to look forward to.

The getaways are the best getaways of my life! They are nothing but love, confidence and overall just a good time. We leave our blood, sweat and tears on the fitness studio floor together then we slay together! And yes we slay in our little back dresses! We work hard to look good in them so why not flaunt it with a night on the town.

To build an accountability group, you gotta have:

  1. a knowledgeable leader
  2. people with a good track record for success OR people showing qualities of a hard worker, willing to work for the goals
  3. someone with the same goals as you
  4. people who you are willing to hang out with outside of the gym or fitness studio (for your celebrations)

Amari and Bri Accountability Group

So think about some of the people who are working on living healthier lifestyles. Link up with them, turn on your favorite workout music and get to moving, together!

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